Tuesday 10 June 2008

Visit to Denton

Ah, I'd been so looking forward to giving Zebedee a chance to play with another dog. This morning we went to Karen's to take photos of her three dogs: two Irish setters and a rescue dog gypsy lurcher.

Lilly the lurcher.

The gorgeous one-year-old Max.

Zebedee wasn't sure whether it was normal to play with someone whose head is as big as him!

Better have a closer look. And a sniff.

But in no time at all, they were playing together like best mates.

Wrestling champion Zebedee pins the setter to the ground.

Max was just the best. Very patient and easygoing dog... the perfect dog to socialise Zeb with.

And here's grand old Robbie, who preferred to keep his cool and not even look at the ridiculous little puppy in his garden.

What a great morning. Zebedee had quite a lot of sleep after we got home... and the rest of the day, to be honest. Who would have thought playing is so tiring.

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