Monday 16 June 2008


So the puppy is vaccinated and microchipped. Microchipping is a prerequisite for rabies vaccination (as you need to record the microchip number with the rabies vaccination certificate), which in turn is a prerequisite for getting a pet passport. I want to be able to take Zebedee abroad AND come back in England (without the need for a quarantine), so a passport is a must.

We got a little trinket to go with the microchip; it says: "I am identified by a BackHome microchip. Scan me."

As you can see from the main photo, Zeb has learned to 'stay' on command. :-) (He wouldn't be sitting still like that otherwise! After all, he is a "high energy breed" puppy.) He learns everything so quickly that I need to think of more things to teach him. I bought a couple of training books that should be delivered tomorrow. He is also learning not to bite me now that I started using the 'cold shoulder' treatment, i.e. every time he uses any pressure when mouthing my hands, I yelp and stop playing with him for a little while. A couple of times I've left the room and not paid any attention to him for about five minutes. It really seems to work wonders. Today is also the first ever night that he didn't say a word when I put him into his crate and went upstairs. Up until now he has always whined for a while - less and less every day, though. During the day he has started occupying himself for a little while with a Kong in his crate, too, which is great as it means that he is happy to spend time on his own for a while, rather than getting upset when away from me.

Oh, almost forgot - he is 10 weeks old today. And is getting bigger and heavier every day! Even I notice that, although I see him all the time. He is gaining about a kilo a week at the moment! He was about 3.5 kilos when I got him, and now he is 5.5 kilograms.

On a completely non-related issue, I had a look at the Brighton And Hove Camera Club forums today and noticed a useful thing: A registry hack for adding DNG thumbnails (in Windows). Finally I can see .dng thumbnails in Explorer.

Soon I will be able to take the puppy out for short walks in the neighbourhood... can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Nice dog. Need more photos of Zebedee.