Thursday, 20 August 2009

Finland Day 9

In the morning I took a few photos of Satu...

Hm? Is that a cat behind you?!?

..after which we started our journey to Turku to meet up with my uncle who was staying there this week.

That was Turku Castle, and this is from the same spot towards the opposite direction:

We'd been planning to drive to Helsinki for the night, but at the end we decided to stop at Turku for the night so that we could have a good rest, just the two of us. Not before going out to check out what Turku was like nowadays, though! We thoroughly liked what we saw. Can one 'thoroughly like' something? OK, we thoroughly ENJOYed ourselves exploring Turku (by night).

Ever since the Wig Salon at Macy's (NYC) we've had a slight interest in mannekins...

We saw the above on our way back to the hotel... and then had a good night's sleep!

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