Saturday, 22 August 2009

Finland Day 11

Looovely day. We drove to Sienijärvi with Kimmo, Meiju, Saku and Reetu. To the Koivunen cabin! The dogs seemed to love it there... almost as much as we did! Here's Reetu:

From the front.

And Saku. They are both Chow Chows. Fabulously extravagant, funny dogs.

After a little snack and a couple of Lonkeros, the hosts set out to get some potatoes for our dinner.

The doggies had taken their places as guard dogs.

We enjoyed a typical Finnish evening at a summer cabin by a lake including a fabulous sauna, naked swim in a freezing cold lake, sauna beer etc. And then, makkara!

Kimmo made a fire and we were mesmerised by it. Apart from when we ate the makkara.

We felt so lucky, so happy. This is what I miss about Finland. Only this. Nothing else. And this day was just perfect.

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