Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Finland Day 7

After a fun evening with another dear friend (and having slept until 4 pm) we went to see NetVet's family cabin by a lake - just because I wanted to see a cabin by a lake... seeing as we are in Finland! Soon after NetVet followed us with Satu...

...and arranged so that we could go and use the sauna at the cabin! And so we started a fire in the kiuas and slowly warmed up the sauna while admiring the view.

After a good löyly and a swim in the lake, more hot hot sauna! - and when we had finished, we came out to see this view:

...after which we went back to Dada for dinner. NetVet was happy to give Miles instructions on how to prepare chanterelles.

I was responsible for the fire again.

And so we had a delicious dinner in a warm atmosphere and great company. Beautiful day.

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Geminai said...

I swear to you this relaxed me without my even having to be there! *laugh* I love, love, love it! It sounds like such an amazing time!