Sunday, 23 August 2009

Finland Day 12

First rays of sun woke me up in our little cabin this morning. I immediately wanted to scamper out, head for the water and witness an early morning by a Finnish lake.

Still half asleep, I zombied closer to the lake....

And this is what I saw. In a complete silence. Fabulous.

The main cabin in early sun rays.

Once we were all up and awake, we went for a little boat trip on the lake. The first thing I saw was the shoreline...

And Kimmo working the oars.

Meiju had told me about a law that says that every cabin/land owner is required to leave five meters from the water line in its natural state, i.e. not to cut any trees etc. I could see why, when we got on the lake: one could hardly see the other cabins around the lake, of which there were many. They blend in the scenery quite nicely. Can you even see a cabin in this photo? It's there...

The first birds we saw were this merganser family.

And a loon.

...or two - just what you'd expect to see in Finland.

More specifically, it's actually a Black-throated diver.

Koivunen cabin seen from the lake. See what I mean about blending into the scenery?

And once we got back Meiju released the hounds to resume their cabin guarding.

Last photo before we left. We were very lucky with the weather... glorious sunshine while we were there, nice clouds when we left.

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