Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Great Dane

This Great Dane had Zebedee for breakfast this morning.

Well, not really. It didn't take Z long to get back on his feet and stand up for himself.

We've met this bitch before, but only today I learned that she is the same age as Zebedee, almost to the day. Very, very playful. But sadly not as gentle as Max, for example, so Zebedee gets thrown about a bit too much when she plays with him. I may be a little paranoid about it, but perhaps I'm forgiven for being a little paranoid, given the experience we have had with Zebedee and his dodgy leg. Wouldn't want to go through another 3-4 months of restrected exercise with him!

Oops - almost forgot to post a blossom photo...

1 comment:

Geminai said...

Awww .. she's cute. And it's rare to find great danes that are so social. Usually they're used to being picked on so they're a little shy. Her mom/dad must be raising her right. Totally understand the cautiousness, though!