Friday, 3 April 2009

Cornwall day 1

Today we drove from Weymouth to Cornwall. Unfortunately the weather was like this:

...all the way to Cornwall, so we didn't see much of the scenery on the way! Still, there were some things at close range.

Hey, you at the back! Yes, you! Why aren't you looking at me? Everyone else is!

We drove past a cute little village.

...and arrived at our chosen lunch restaurant, Combe House.

Drawing room (where we had our canapés and after dinner coffees).

Lunch was deeeeelicious! Gotta love travelling with Miles - and the Good Food Guide.

After the long lunch, we had a look around the grounds of the house.

Then.... bloody sat navs... I was running out of petrol and didn't know where the next garage was going to be, so I had to come off the motorway and punch in "nearest petrol station" in the sat nav. Well, four miles later we arrive at a site where there looked to have BEEN a garage a year or two ago. OK, petrol running very low at this point... We tried the next "nearest petrol station", getting a little worried that we may not be able to make it... And after another five miles or so, we arrived at a tiny shop and this:

Hmmm. Not getting much petrol out of that. Oh well. Third time lucky. We got directions to the nearest petrol station from a couple of locals. Like we would have done the first time round if I hadn't been relying on the fantastic new technology (admittedly, with a few years old map software).

In the evening we arrived at our second Dog Friendly B&B, Dalswinton House, wich was a lovely place: on our arrival we were greeted by Sal as we entered the conservatory full of guests (the dogs!) and their people. Had only cheese and wine for dinner, having had such a big lunch.


Geminai said...

Loooove the dof on that skull shot. Is it straight out of the camera like that, or manipulated?

Katariina Järvinen said...

Hi Kip, that's straight out of the camera. I have loads more photos from each day, but haven't had time to go through them yet.