Saturday, 4 April 2009

Cornwall day 2

Today started with a pheasant chase.

And a drive to Bedruthan Steps.

Wonderfully impressive place!

Huge rock formations.

Here's a person for scale.

Beautiful, clear emerald water.

Hang on a minute - what was that a photo of?
Let's zoom in.

Haha, Zebedee looking at me from behind a big rock because he wasn't able to climb up to where I was. He makes me laugh so much.

After lunch at Padstow...

(just a random snap from the harbour)

...we drove to Tintagel (where there be druids).

The Old Post Office

Aaah, just look at this place. Gorgeous!

To get to the King Arthur's island, you have to go down some steps.

That's where you want to get to.

So, up the other side.

Through the gate.

And there you are.


Apparently Tintagel Island was probably a Roman settlement at some point, and a druidy place before that, but currently it is famous for being linked to the legend of King Arthur. It is an English Heritage site.

Through another gate to go back inland.

Zebedee staring at me, having one of his "Come on, then!" moments. He'd been up and down the staircase on the other side about five times already while I was still descending the island side steps. He really is like a little kid.

Miles was suffering from his vertigo a bit, so we went first with Z and we waited for him on the other side.

Then, past the pussy cat.

The laundromat.

Back to the car. Drive past a wind farm.

And back to our lovely dog friendly B&B for a gorgeous dinner. And Zebedee's new friends.


Geminai said...

Wow, look at those clouds! Awesome!

Pete Vander Meulen said...

I'm jealous. What a great day and a great capture of what it's like to get out "and just shoot." Nicely done Katariina.