Saturday, 28 February 2009

First wedding

Today I went to help out a friend as a second photographer in a registry office wedding. It was only about an hour's shooting, but it was an invaluable experience for me; invaluable in a sense that I learned a lot about how to handle the situation when things don't go as expected! As incredible as it may sound, the ceremony was interrupted by a photographer-hating registrar asking us - not so politely - to stop taking photos as it was putting her off. (Even though she'd first said that we could take photos as long as we stayed in one place without moving about - which we did). Then, next she said it was putting the couple off (errr, the couple had actually ASKED us to take photos during the ceremony... and actually not just asked, either, but PAID us to take photos of the wedding ceremony!) Well, we did manage to take a couple of shots of the changing of the rings, even though the registrar had asked us not to take any more photos - and she, subsequently, threatened to throw us out. I didn't hear what the bride and groom thought about it all, but the parents/guests joked about the photographer-hater registrar afterwards, so luckily it didn't seem like they let her ruin their day. And as my friend was much braver than me, I think she managed to get some nice shots of the rest of the ceremony for the couple.

Anyway, I forgot to ask whether it is OK for me to put any of the photos in my photo blog, so here are just a couple of anonymous shots from the wedding. I will upload more when/if I get a permission to do so.

~ Have received approval, so here are a few more shots from the day ~


Jane said...

It may not have been a photography hating registrar, but a registrar interpreting the laws in a (probably unnecessarily) strict manner

From last May - Govt bans wedding registry pics and some more on photography laws from my blog last June

It's the never knowing what rules are going to be applied that annoys me...

Katariina Järvinen said...

Ah, hadn't heard about that - but still, that restriction is only applicable to the moment when the couple are signing the register. This registrar was telling us off for taking photos during the ceremony. When the couple signed the register, she made ABSOLUTELY sure that we didn't take their photo then - not that we were even going to!

The ironic twist is that the reason for "no photography during signing the register" seems to be that the couple's signatures may be visible in the photo. Well, if that is so, why did the registrar ask the couple - after the real signing - to POSE as if they were signing the register book, and the register book was perfectly visible in the pose? The only difference was that the pen wasn't moving at the time we took the "signing photos"... Madness, I tell ya. ;-)

Katariina Järvinen said...

Just read the whole article
in Daily Mail.

In that article they mention another reason for the ban: the couple may be distracted by photographers during the signing, and make mistakes. I guess that is possible...

(Also, correction to my previous comment, they are concerned about OTHER couple's signatures in the register book.)

Anyway, thanks for bringing this up, Jane.

Miles Sabin said...

I think the crucial bit is "In the Daily Mail" ;-)

Katariina Järvinen said...

Well, Daily Mail or not - the interesting comments in that article are from experienced wedding photographers

Alan Kenneth Parsons, Hemel Hempstead , Herts. England, 12/5/2008 20:10


Philipd, Southend, Essex, 12/5/2008 19:02

...saying that this practice has always been the case anyway.

(Well, except with the genius registrar we encountered, as she had the book - not on a blank page - in full view when she asked the couple to pose to be photographed.)

Malcolm Oakley said...

Hi Kat, just a quick note. I've had vicars that have told me to stand at the very back of the church. Also i always shot a blank page in the register. It's the law, bit like you cant photograph passports or share certificates. It's almost forgery! Hope it goes well with wedding number 2. I've sold my gear now and am selling tools online instead. Far easier he he. Keep well, Malcolm Oakley.

Geminai said...

Kati .. beautiful wedding!! Indian, huh? Gorgeous colors and looks like you shot it beautifully. :)

Malcolm .. say it ain't so ... you are out of the photography biz???