Friday, 20 February 2009

What The Duck?

I saw a comment on a friend's Flickr photo today that reminded me of a comic strip. A few people had left praising comments on this beautiful photo, and then, at the end, someone asked "What camera did you use?" And this is the comic strip the question reminded me of:

...which makes EVERY photographer say "I must remember that line next time someone says that to me!" ;D

In the olden days when I hadn't started photography as a hobby yet and was using a box standard point & shoot camera to take my holiday snaps with, I heard the following comment quite a few times when I picked my photos up from a photo lab: "Those were REALLY nice photos! You must have a really good/expensive camera! What kind of camera did you take those with?"

The photos weren't great, to say the least, and looking at them now that I know more about photography, I'd say 99% of them were appallingly awful; but they must have been at least slightly above average for that many lab staff to comment on them and enquire about my "fancy" equipment.

All because my camera took really nice pictures! ;-)

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Geminai said...

That comic strip resides on my door at work. :) Funny how few people get it.