Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's at Camber Sands

Had a lovely day at Camber Sands today.

Zebedee met quite a few dogs on the beach.

(Click on the photo to see it bigger)

Lots of couples walking on the beach at sunset...

Then, two riders appeared.

They walked up and down the shoreline...

...until finally they galloped!

(with a little wannabe-galloper in tow)

More couples... it's Valentine's Day after all...

And the odd beach loonie joining in the fun.

When the riders stopped and rested their horses for a while, we went to say hello to them. Zebedee set off all of a sudden, so we thought he'd got over his fear of horses...

...but not quite. Here he is pretending he never meant to run right up to them anyway.

...and then the riders were off again.

What a fantastic afternoon by the sea.


Geminai said...

I just .. WOW! Kati .. these are amazing photos! Wow doesn't seem to cover it but truly .. wow. What an awesome day! And I love the series shots of Zeb .. he looks like he was having a blast! He's all better and healed up then, now? That is awesome! So great to see him (and you ;) ) so happy!

Katariina Järvinen said...

Thanks, Kip. It really was a lovely afternoon by the sea, and we told ourselves that we must start going on little trips again as often as we can - they are fun.

Zebedee is much better, thanks. He has had a few hour+ long walks and not limped afterwards! And on Saturday he was running around for two hours and was fine. So I'm hoping he is pretty much over whatever he had. Don't want to overdo it too early, though, so we'll take it easy for a few more weeks.

It was lovely to see those horses galloping on the beach. Beautiful stuff. Apparently the sea water is good for their legs. Must look into why that would be.