Wednesday, 18 February 2009


I had a lovely young girl to take portraits of today: Miina.

She was an absolutely great model.

I mean - how cute and pretty is SHE?!

There was only one problem - how to get rid of the puppy who just HAD to be there in front of the lights with her all the time! No matter how many times we tried to bribe him with treats to leave the spotlight for a minute or two!

No, he wouldn't budge - he wanted to be there in the middle of the action. Even when he got so tired he couldn't hold back the yawns.

Not to worry - Miina is a Super Girl with Super Powers, and she can take on anyone, right?

Perhaps... except the persistent, attention-seeking Mr. Zebedee, who knows just the moment to sneak into the frame when he's least expected.

(Miina knew by then that Mr. Zebedee was after her flowers, really, even when he pretended to engage himself in rope-chewing.)

Well, we managed to take a few more shots... while Zebedee waited behind a closed door in the hall!

Oh, and by the way - it was great to see Miina's parents for the first time in about 10 years! Perhaps next time we'll have time to take photos of the parents, too! :-)


Jane said...

Lovely Zebedee at work stealing all the glory...
Love the use of the tag "interfering puppy" :-)

Geminai said...

Beatiful girl, yes, but BEAUTIFUL photos, Kati. Love the shots on black. So dramatic. Just gorgeous. And have to laugh at the "interfering puppy" too ... gosh, he's so cute! So hard to force yourself to oust him, huh? This was great!