Monday, 19 January 2009


I spent all Saturday at the SWPP show in London and learned a lot, I think. I listened to Gary Fong's talk at first, then Bjorn Thomassen who talked mainly about his young female portfolio work, then made a couple of mistakes with my choices of talks, but all was not lost, as in this conference it was perfectly OK to leave one room if it wasn't what you expected, and enter another. I only caught a bit of the end of Tim Mayer's talk, but I'm glad I didn't miss it altogether! This man knows what he is talking about! In the half hour I learned more about portrait lighting than ever before. Here are just a couple of snaps taken during his demonstration.

I bought Gary Fong's Lightspere flash diffuser, and tested it on my faithful model last night while Miles cooked our dinner. Here he is relaxing on the rug while keeping an eye on the chopping board.

I think I like the Lightsphere, and I think it probably was worth the money. Certainly seems like a lot better flash diffuser than the standard little "sock" that you put over the flash head.

Another shot of Zebedee, this morning in Stanmer Park. I tried to look for a nice spot for a portrait and thought I found one, but Z wasn't cooperating at all. He simply wouldn't 'stay' in the spot I chose, and legged it as soon as I got a couple of meters away from him and prepared to take the shot. So, at the end, I had to take it at close range, without stepping back.... and of course you can't see any of the nice, mossy background that I liked. Must practise dog model manipulation more. ö

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Geminai said...

*laugh* But he's soooooo cute, you just can't get upset with him. :) Is he feeling better these days, then?