Wednesday, 28 January 2009

All is OK

Yesterday I felt like this:

Having analysed it today, I realised that it was a combination of four of five different things that had come to a stress point in my mind. I felt the lowest since my recovery from severe clinical depression a few years ago, and hence was very scared of that dark, dark place. But, with the help of caring friends, and me being very aware of my change in mood and working towards healthier thoughts, my bout of depression didn't last for more than one day. Plus, after all, it is kind of difficult to be down when you have this silly guy around:

Yeah, try not to see the funny and bright side of life when you watch Zebedee play and be happy as a Larry. I challenge you.

Then there's the beauty of nature.

And funny tiny things like this:

...who is THIS small (compared to the HUGE springer puppy):

So, I can see beauty again. All is well.

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Geminai said...

:) I'm very glad to hear that it got better. Lucaya (my dane) pulled me through some pretty down days, too. I agree .. it's impossible not to smile. That first pic of Zeb made me laugh out loud!