Thursday, 8 January 2009

First outdoor test on 5D Mk II

The first thing I saw when I went out with the new 5D was a great spotted woodpecker. It was high up in a tree so I didn't get a great photo, but still. First time I've seen one of these in England. (Saw one in Wales over Christmas.)

I wanted to test the AI SERVO autofocus on this camera, and luckily I got a chance to test it on a little egret. Click on the photo to see it bigger.

The autofocus seemed to be working better than on my 350D; it seemed to be easier to keep the flying bird in focus. I want to test/practise this a lot more, as I have been kicking myself for such a long time for not getting much better at catching flying birds in action - in perfect focus. I hope it'll be a little easier with this camera.

Also, I love the sound of the 3,9 fps! 350D is not that much slower at 3 fps, but the 0.9 does make a surprisingly big difference. (I can only imagine what Canon EOS 1D Mark III's 10 fps feels like... drool...)

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