Thursday, 8 January 2009

I was thinking this morning that maybe I should join and see how I'd rank in their contests nowadays. You know the ones where they call people's photos "WINNER - SECOND PLACE". (Hey, it feels so good to be a winner that let's call even those who didn't win, winners.) Anyhoo, I went to have a look at their 'about' page to see how much it would cost to become a member, and saw the photo they have up there introducing "the team". And decided not to bother!

I mean, seriously. Exactly how natural did they think it would look to have that guy in the blue shirt photoshopped into the group photo?!?!? You know, the guy who's been photographed outdoors in hard light, strong shadows on his face, and he's been photoshopped into a group shot that has been taken in soft, even light indoors??? Made me think of Photoshop Disasters all over again.

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