Saturday, 4 October 2008

Shoot Brighton

A couple of colour inspired snaps from Stanmer Park from this morning:

We took part in Shoot Brighton today from 10:30 till 5 PM. The weather was absolutely horrible; windy and wet and cold. We ended up spending half of the day in pubs having lunch and drinks. It was fun, though, and we ended up winning one of the nine categories with this photo:

To be honest, I just snapped that by dangling the camera pretty randomly in the general direction of the subject without looking through the viewfinder. But there you go. It appealed to the judges; unlike the other shots we put more effort into getting. Anyway, it was the longest Zebedee has ever been alone. And not without consequences! When we got back at 5:30 (I got home first), I was faced with a very guilty-looking puppy amongst a mini carnage of dead items: pieces of unidentifiable plastic electronic item in the hall, something that looked like a heap of snow in the middle of the living room, a shoe ripped to pieces in the bedroom followed by bits of a radio antenna. The first item turned out to be an old set of PC headphones, and the snow a roll of kitchen paper. And here is the artist of the wonderful installation:

It was the most damage he has ever done by far, but I found it very difficult to be cross with him. He is so damned cute I just wanted to cuddle him when I got back.

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Geminai said...

Haha. I can relate to coming home to carnage. :)

And it's a good pic that won, but how frustrating that the pictures you spend more time on don't do better! Grr.