Saturday, 11 October 2008

Evening drive to Camber and Rye Harbour

What a lovely day. We spent the late afternoon and evening in Camber beach and Rye Harbour.

Zebedee was fairly well behaved at first; he was running around in the sand and stopping every now and then to dig a hole and find a mussel and eat it (including some of the shell!). He reminded me of polar bears that find seal pups by sniffing them under a thick layer of icy snow. Then, the juvenile delinquent that he is, he snatched a stick from a little girl!

The girl looked hopelessly on... the puppy started to destroy her precious find.

What's that? A giant mussel approaching?

The beach can look a little out-of-spacey in places.

Zebedee enjoying one of his seafood delights (being distracted by something in the distance mid-munching).

On our way to Rye, I stopped the car so we could admire the view.

Rye Harbour

(I actually left all my memory cards at home, so I had to borrow Miles's pocket camera... with which all the above photos have been taken.)

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Geminai said...

Zeb is such a bully! Poor kid. haha. I love that he eats the mussels .. that's great. :) He's sooooo cute! Beautiful pics, Kati .. even without your full cam (I could tell, btw, in some of the bottom ones) ;)