Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Bird watching dog walk

Saw quite a few lapwings on our morning walk to Piddinghoe today.

All of a sudden there were lots of lapwings. Don't know whether they are playing or what, flying like that. Some sideways, one upside down!

Then there was a cormorant trying to get a struggling and wiggling eel into her mouth.

She was soon accompanied by her spouse.

For moral support, maybe.

Click to see the strange green eyes these cormorants have.

A little egret, hiding behind a yellow flower plant...

As usual, I couldn't get nearer to the egret as Zebedee scared it away. So I thought I'd shoot something that doesn't move so fast...

But I didn't give up. I turned back and walked for a bit, and there he was by the river.

The light was lovely in the evening at Castle Hill.

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