Sunday, 12 October 2008

Graduated ND filters

Zebedee has had a sore leg for almost two weeks now and when I asked about it at the vet's the other day, they said that it's most likely he has just pulled a muscle and that I should rest it for a few days... give him only a limited amount of exercise; no running around at all, just short walks on the lead. You gotta be kidding me. He is a six month old springer puppy! The vet joked that perhaps she should give Zebedee sedatives for the next week or so.

All that in mind, we went for a little walk to St. Ann's Well Gardens rather than the usual long walks in the Downs. The day has been beautiful and the light in the park was lovely.

I bought myself some cheapo ND grad filters the other day, and went to test them in Birling Gap this evening. We were a little late (because there were too many squirrels to chase in the park...) and as soon as we got to the beach, the sun sank below the horizon. It was a cloudless sky so any use of the ND grad filter for the sky would have been incredibly boring, which made me try out some of the fancy coloured grad filters. Here is one shot taken with a blue grad on top and purple at the bottom. (click to see it bigger)

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