Thursday, 16 October 2008

And the sea is still beautiful

We hadn't been by the sea for two days. Before going to Brighton this evening, we went for a little walk on Castle Hill, and as soon as I saw the sea from there I felt very happy and calm. I love the sea. I love living by the sea!

These are just quick, low quality snaps with the pocket camera.

Late in the evening we went for a walk by the beach and took some long exposure shots while Z played on the pebbles, occasionally knocking one of our tripod legs... I was hoping to get some moonlit shots, but the lights by the seafront were much more brighter than the light from the full moon, so we ended up getting this incandescent light rather than a cool moonlight in our shots. Must get further away from any artificial lights next time!


Geminai said...

Zeb is gorgeous, as always, but is that a composited shot?

Geminai said...

P.S. - I hope Zebedee feels better soon!

Katariina Järvinen said...

Thanks, Kippy. If the leg doesn't get better by next week, I'll have to ask the vet if they can do anything for it.

That shot is not a composite, but I did dodge and burn here are there. I used flash, but edited out burnt highlights the flash had caused. It looks a little funny all in all, but hey, it's a picture of my lovely puppy! :D