Thursday 31 March 2011

Today is even mistier

Wonderfully misty day today. Had to take a proper camera with me when I went for a walk with the dogs.

Thought I'd go to a different part of the woods today so that I'd get photos of different kind of trees from my usual.

Loved the bright green new leaves!

Visibility about 100 yards or less...

This tree is great. Look how it has grown a massive root across the path. Wonder what it does with those who trip over it?

Here's Tigger gracefully springing over the root.

It's so difficult to get any photos without at least one dog in it. Whenever I stop to take a photo, they come over and enter my shot. They are such hams.


It was a great walk. So spooky in the woods when it's this misty.

Even spookier in black and white! ;-)

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