Friday 2 July 2010


Meet Bailey! Bailey is a lovely Irish Setter, a grand old lady of considerable years. I accompanied her on her daily walk today.

Bailey wasn't really co-operating with her photographer at all, to be honest, as walking is quite difficult for her - but I managed to take a few nice little portraits of her.

The problem, though, was that once she got going, she wouldn't stop, so I had to be extra quick to take her picture. I only had a second or two each time.

Also, I soon realised that my squeaky toy was useless at this shoot as Bailey didn't seem to hear it at all. Neither did she take any notice of any other distractions I tried to make in order to coax her into looking into the camera, so I just had to be very vigilant and catch her at the right time.

Once we had walked through the shade of the woods, we crossed a field to get back. Finally Bailey agreed to lie down and stay still for a little while. I'm not into forcing fragile old ladies to do what they don't want to do, so I'm glad she was OK with posing for a bit.

So, that's Bailey. I hope she will have many more years of happy life with her people.

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