Friday 29 May 2009

Ellen's photo shoot

Ellen loves dogs and spent most of her visit playing with Zebedee. Z liked Ellen, too. Just look at these two. Cute as a pie, eh?

These are some of the out-takes ;-)

Not that they have a common tune, or anything...

Then we went for a walk and a play in Stanmer Park in Brighton.


Miss Mapp said...

Hey there, I may not always comment, but you come up on my reader whn ever you post and am enjoying as always. Great spirit captured in Ellen.
Enjoy the heat.

Katariina Jarvinen said...

Thank you, Miss Mapp. :)
It was a joy to photograph Ellen - very glad to hear that I have managed to convey that in the photos.
Have a great weekend.

Geminai said...

omg, I am in love with her! In the first shot of she and Zeb, he didn't look quite sure, but WOW .. gorgeous bond between the two of them. You are so insanely talented, Kati! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.