Sunday 20 April 2008


I bought some studio lights (Bowens Esprit Gemini 500W kit) and a few backdrops so that I can start practising taking portraits. Finally!

Here are a couple of test shots of Miles.

I need to work on avoiding reflections on glasses. Have received some advice from friends on top of what I found on the internet. Will give them a try the next time Miles poses for me. Here are the tips that I have acquired:

1) The most obvious one: change position of the light source. Move it higher, more to the left/right, or further away from the model (downside: light source will be smaller as it's further away)

2) Change the angle of the glasses by raising the 'earloops' a tiny bit above the ears.

3) Use polarising filter on the lens. (I'm yet to test this.)

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