Friday, 30 April 2010

Princess Pushkins

I went to see Ann again today with the intention of taking photos of her with her cat. "Never work with children or animals" is a well known saying amongst photographers, and now I know why: Princess Pushkins just wasn't in the mood.

According to Ann, this feline princess loves her picture taken. Well, see what you think: I pointed my camera at her, she walked away and positioned herself thus:

Now, is that a clear message or what. "Me? Pose for you? Kiss my ass!" Haha. But true to her feline nature, take a toy out and she is easily lured to get up and stalk it.

But she still wasn't up to posing with Ann. Oh well. I decided we should go out and take a few photos of Ann with her artwork, and see how we get on later with the reluctant cat.

Another stab at a portrait of the two... but no. Her face says: "Aaargh! Let go of me!"

At least dogs are always willing to do a few things for treats, but cats... well... they just do whatever they want. And when they want.

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