Friday, 9 April 2010

Casual portrait shoot

I took some casual portraits of the lovely Ann O'Keife today in Shoreham. We had a great time chatting about her work while I took her pictures.

I find sometimes the "out takes" are the best photos to reflect someone's personality. Like this one here:

As it was a beautiful, sunny day we decided to go to the beach and take some shots there.

I have to say I love taking photos of interesting people! Everyone is interesting in one way or other, of course. And animals, too. This is Ann's feline friend:

Look at that gorgeous face.

I actually learned a valuable lesson today: as I am allergic to cats, whenever I plan a portrait shoot at someone's home, I should always remember to ask whether they have cats. I ended up sneezing a lot today, but had I found out about the cat beforehand, I could have taken antihistamine and then I would have been absolutely fine. Note to self! (and to any other allergic photographers out there)

I really wanted to take a photo of Ann and her cat together, but due to excessive sneezing from my part, I decided to come back some other day for that.

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