Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friston Forest

It was so sunny again today that I decided to go to Friston Forest for our long walk - to have some shade from the sun, and to see the sunlight reach the forest floor through the trees. I did stalk some birds again (damn, can't help it), but mainly I took photos of trees and leaves etc.

OK, I'll show you what bird I saw... it's a treecreeper and it was the first time I have seen one.

And again, it was about a 100 miles away high up in a tree, so the photos are a bit rubbish. I was excited to have seen a new type of bird, though.

When I came across this sight it made me stop and stare, fascinated.

To me, it looked like veins... it was the shadow of a couple of branches.

I love trees!

A view from the edge of the forest.

Tomorrow I'm not going to drive anywhere as it will be the day of Brighton marathon and a lot of roads will be closed. Luckily we have a park nearby for Zed to play in.

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