Thursday, 15 April 2010

I think it's officially spring!

Blossoms and bluebells... what else could this be?! SPRING! :-)

OK, and bees...

I spotted the first bluebells of the year today!

More blossoms...

In the evening I popped into a local photographic studio called Garage Studios where they held a taster studio photography session tonight. A couple of shots from there:

It was fantastic to see what other people do with studio lighting. I've tried a few things on my own, but I have been craving to see how someone else might use lighting to work a model.

Someone else in the group uploaded a photo where she had used a Lightroom preset, so I thought I'd give one a try, too. This is a Lightroom preset called 'Aged photo'.

On the way back home I walked passed The Geese and heard pretty good jazz played and decided to pop in for a pint.

After the band's set I talked to this saxophonist called Paul who agreed to give me private lessons on playing the sax! I'm so looking forward to it... I've been wanting to learn to play the saxophone for about 15 years now! Whoo-hoo!


Minimary said...

I never would have thought you wanted to learn to play the saxs, but that is so cool. Maybe you can learn a solo for Kippy's wedding LOL.
Your pictures are great and make me welcome spring, we did have some sunshine today.
My father used to tell me that if you found a circle of bluebells and sat and waited you would see fairies. Do you know of any folk tales that could verify that?

petshel said...

Hello Katariina.
Thanks for your blog and the photos (I'll try using those settings myself sometime).
Yes, the jazz was really good. Ian is such a talented player and although he had never played with Paul Greenwood before, didn't they just gell!
We always enjoy our Thursday sessions at The Geese.