Wednesday, 10 June 2009

California & Nevada Day 6

After a lovely brunch together, we needed to get ready to drive to Carson City, Nevada. It's only about 250 miles away, but we wanted to see a couple of things on the way so we knew that the journey would take longer than the six hours that it takes according to GoogleMaps.

But first I wanted to take a photo of us all.

Marcia and Bill. Such great people. We had a wonderful time with them.

Some time later we spotted a sign for Burney Falls and decided to go and have a look. Was a beautiful place!

And in between marvelling the falls, I spotted this guy sitting in a tree nearby. (Probably a great blue heron.)

Here's the whole area from side...

...and from the front.

There was a one mile trail down the river which goes over a bridge and then back to the top of the falls.

After that we carried on towards Lassen Volcanic Park. Near the entrance to the park there was a gorgeous lake.

The more we got into the park and climbed up, the more the scenery started to look like Finland.

Well, except for the mountains... no mountains in Finland.

We would have loved to spend more time in Lassen Park, but we had to carry on straight through it, only stopping for photos every now and then. The clock was ticking and the sun was setting and we needed to get to Carson City as soon as possible...

Next to Honey Lake the road was nice and straight and there was no trees nor anything else behind which any wildlife might hide, so I was driving a little fast, especially as I saw that there was bad weather ahead and I would have to soon slow down... See those dark rain clouds in the mountains in the horizon? Quick, let's catch up on this nice bit of straight road before we get there...

...and just then, waiting for me to drive into his trap, was a Highway Patrol who stopped me. Apparently, according to this fine, cultured police officer, there are no autobahns in California. Hm. And apparently I will find out in about a month how much it will cost me to make sure that I can enter the US again. Nice.

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