Tuesday, 9 June 2009

California & Nevada Day 5

Today Marcia and Bill took us for a drive around the area where they live. We saw some cool sculptures and very impressive scenery. As well as very impressive clouds!

The morning was nice and sunny, but in the early afternoon a storm was approaching...

Looking to the other direction, there was Mt. Shasta still bathing in nice sunshine...

...but not for long. When we got back from our drive, the storm was just about to reach us. (I took this photo from Marcia and Bill's garden... not a bad view, eh?!)

...and when it did, it rained pretty hard for an hour or so. Safer to stay in and take photos through the patio doors.

After the rain stopped we went for a little drive with Miles, as Marcia was having a rest and Bill was at his doctor's. Miles drove our hired car for a bit for the first time, on a quiet road... just to be safe as it was a lot of first times for Miles: first time driving on the right side of the road, first time driving an automatic, first time driving abroad, etc. I wasn't afraid (much)... He did well, though.

Some time after we got back Marcia called me from the patio to have a look at Mt. Shasta. The sunset had painted the foot of the mountain red. The light was going very fast, though - by the time I had got my camera and changed lenses, it was almost gone.

In the evening Marcia cooked us a beautiful dinner. She wanted me to take a photo for Sandy as a proof that she cooks. ;-)

I'd promised Sandy that she can be me for a moment while I'm at Marcia's (just because she was jealous that I was meeting Marcia, and wanted to be there, too), so here is a shot "Sandy took" while others were toasting 'To Sandy!'.

Sandy took out my new 100mm Canon macro lense to try it out on candid shots at the table. (She couldn't resist.)

(Usually Sandy takes much better portraits... perhaps it was the wine...)

After finishing dinner, I spotted this comatose upside-down dog at the end of the hall.

While we were sipping a fine port, I couldn't resist taking photos of the cute little doggies! This is Iain.

Teddy. (I think he is a miniature tiger, teddy bear cross.)


And Mia.

Oh my, they are so sweet and cute. What an absolutely lovely day with great, fun people. And dogs. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kati! These are fantastic! Bill and I just love the photos of us - you make us look sooooo good! LOL You took some great photos of the mountain and that barn! We so thoroughly enjoyed having you and Miles as guests - too bad you couldn't have stayed a little longer. I'm sorry I pooped out on your guys. Next time we'll have to hit the brewery AND Lava Beds National Park and that whole area. You'd be amazed at what's to see on the way to our fishing hole, Medicine Lake - just amazing! ;-)

Thanks for everything! Hopefully, one day we'll take you up on your generous invitation to come and visit you! ;)