Sunday, 21 June 2009

Back at home!

Wow, what a long journey home. We are absolutely pooped. Still, it was great to see Zebedee again! I've missed the little rascal so much. And also we realised that our neck of the woods is alright after all... When Kippy and Jeremy were showing us around in the Nevada/California area, we thought to ourselves that we won't be able to show anything as grand as that to them when they come over to visit us in England. Everything we saw seemed to dwarf anything we have back home. But still, it IS nice and beautiful over here, too - just in a different way. And it is good to be home. After an absolutely fantastic holiday, it's good to be home, too.

In the evening we went to Piddinghoe with Zebedee to have a play and a swim.

We were testing out Zebedee's new water toy (which is just one of the six new toys we brought him...).

Love the grasses along the river...

...and love the silly dog, of course.

Life is good. :)


Geminai said...

Toldja! :P

Excellent, and Zebedee is adorable as ever! But I have to know .. is the squirrel (was it a squirrel? Now I can't remember!) still in one piece??

Katariina Järvinen said...

Hey Kip,

Miraculously the squirrel is still in one piece! Maybe the secret is in the fact that it wasn't the only new toy? Same as you got your little destroyers two birds at the same time...? :)