Thursday, 18 June 2009

California & Nevada Day 14

Today we drove from Mariposa back to San Francisco. And saw a few birds on the way. First, the turkey vulture who has been following me since we last left San Francisco. This vulture is responsible for scaring off all little birds before I get a shot of them. Yeah. He follows me around and scares off birds I want to take a photo of - right before I get close enough to shoot them. No, really.

A few wild wild west horses by the road.

And a hawk! Finally!

I hope Kippy will identify this hawk for me. :)

In the evening we went to Yoshi's for a "Japanese" dinner and some latin jazz. And quite a few Margaritas. Was good.


Miss Mapp said...

Am really enjoying the posts from California - the car graveyard was amazing. I am heading out to San Diego on Tuesday for 3 weeks and then doing the coast road up to SF. Have a bit more of an idea of things i would like to see because of you - thanks.
Have a great continued trip,

Katariina Järvinen said...

Hey Miss Mapp, thank you! I have loads more photos from Yosemite etc. to post, just need to look through them, first. If you haven't been to Yosemite, I strongly recommend it. Three years ago I wanted to drive the coastal road south from SF, but it was very foggy and couldn't see a thing, so at Monterey decided to head for inland and went to Yosemite instead. Didn't regret!
Have a great trip! Be safe and enjoy.

Miss Mapp said...

Would love love love to visit there, and what a good idea if the fog is down too. Trouble with all these things is too much to do and too little time.
Either you are up late or you are back?! Having a good time either way I hope.

Geminai said...

Looks like a red-tailed hawk, Kati, but I'll have to research a bit and confirm. I'm glad you finally caught one! *whew* Musta lost that vulture for a few minutes in order to do so. ;)

Miss Mapp, just fyi, the car graveyard is in Goldfield, Nevada (in case you ever want to see it yourself) ;)