Monday, 11 May 2009

Yuka visiting!

My friend Yuka came to visit me from Japan. Yuka and me first met 15 years ago in Hokkaido through a friend of ours. Now, this is the fourth time we meet. It's been 10 years since the last time we were together, and we've spent about 60 days together so far. Confused? See, the third time ever that we met, Yuka came to stay with me in England for two moths or so. We hardly knew each other, really, but I felt that I knew her well enough to know that it wouldn't be a problem to share my tiny one bedroom flat with her for a couple of months. And I was right. We had a great time during those two months. And so we did this time, too.

Anyhow, today we went to see the white cliffs of the south coast of England. First we went to Birling Gap.

But it was reeeeally windy... we ran back to the car and drove to the next spot... where Yuka took a photo or two, despite the gale force wind...

...and after that we ventured all the way to Beachy Head for a 20 minute walk to see this:

So anyway, after that, we decided to swiftly head for inland, and Arundel, to get away from the seriously strong sea breeze. We had lunch at The George. No Michelin stars, but a recommendation by Michelin, anyway. We almost died after the desserts, though.

I took this photo just to demonstrate to Yuka why I was taking three shots at the time. I was bracketing, of course, with three differently exposed images of the same frame, in order to later combine the three and created one single high dynamic range image from them.

In the late afternoon we went for a walk in Friston Forest, and saw these inquisitive cows on the way.

Yeah. Moo!

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Geminai said...

That's it! I need to do more HDR experimentation. That pub/restaurant shot is GORGEOUS! Just gorgeous.

Glad you had so much fun!!