Thursday, 28 May 2009

Second meeting with Vinny

Today we went to see Vinny for the second time. Vinny is a Hungarian Vizsla. His people are very nice and they thought that their cute little four-month-old puppy is the sweetest thing in the world - until they saw photos like this:

Looks like this sweet little thing is trying to eat Zed! But that's OK, 'cause after that, Zebedee had Vinny for lunch.

Not really, folks. Zebedee likes Vinny's sausages more than Vinny.

And as you can see, Vinny is not vicious at all. All dogs look like they are trying to kill each other when you capture the right moment, when in fact they are just play fighting.

In the afternoon, a good friend of mine, Clare, came over with her lovely daughter, Ellen. We went for a walk in Friston Forest (before our gorgeous Indian dinner at the Viceroy - Newhaven's only claim to FAME).

Well, the rest of the evening is a bit of a pleasant blur, really, so I shall stop reporting here. :-)

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