Friday, 8 May 2009


The most fun photo shoot ever. Let me introduce you to Ajit:

(I'd just told him that he looked like he was having a poo, rather than looking 'serious' and 'learned'.)


Ajit is not just a pretty (and entertaining face), no. He has a black belt in 'Empty Hand'. Seriously.

See? No kidding.

Not that the seriousness lasts for long. This, for example, must be the 'karate zombie' move.

A few tricks up his sleeve, too.

Just don't underestimate this guy. That's today's lesson.

(I'll add a few more photos when I have time. They are a few more fun ones...)

(Oh, and if you are on a super-fast connection, see the whole shoot here: - be warned, over 8 MB)


Anonymous said...

FABulous work! I don't think I've seen portrait work from you least not this memorable! ~Sandy

Miss Mapp said...

Yeaaah. Great work. You have brought out so many faces to this guy. Have to say as a story I like the ones with his street clothes on - looks threatening and you want to know more. Brill.

Geminai said...

*laughing* How FUN is this?? You and he must have both had a blast. Pretty soon you're going to be the most "in demand" portrait photographer in the UK! ;)