Monday, 14 July 2008


Well, I'm slowly recovering from something of a mystery illness (as far as local GPs' knowledge goes). I'm still taking painkillers and have other symptoms, but I have been well enough to go for walks with Z. We have been going to Castle Hill, Birling Gap, Devil's Dyke and Piddinghoe, amongst other places. I will post a collection of scenes and "Zebedee poses" soon, but here are a few snaps from this evening's walk at Castle Hill.

On the way up the hill, came across some of these gladiolus-looking flowers that are not gladiola. Were rather gorgeous in the evening sun.

Castle Hill is right next to Newhaven Fort. Or should I say Newhaven Fort is on Castle Hill? Either way, there are some strange goings on in the Fort's car park.

Zebedee has seriously got the bunny thing now. There are loads of bunnies on Castle Hill, and Zeb has started running after them when they hop into shrubbery to escape. Here he is checking out whether there are any rabbits to chase lower down the hill.

Zebedee should have been looking out for the Were-Rabbit, though, as the moon was out!

I have fallen in love with all the various plants on Castle Hill. There are loads of different kinds of flowering plants that I don't know the name of. Will be posting more of them soon.

Never mind the were-rabbit... is this the ominous shadow of a were-puppy?!

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