Sunday, 27 July 2008

Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden

It was another hot day (28°C) and not the best for a drive in a car without an air conditioning, but nevertheless, we went to Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden for the three hours that it is open on Sundays. Not easy to take photos with the puppy pulling on the lead that is attached to the hand that is holding the camera, but between us we managed to take turns in attending to the puppy and take a few OK photos of the sculptures and the lovely garden that they were in.

Hang on a minute - exactly HOW big is that puppy?!?

By the way, I'll show a detail from the above photo:

See the lower jaw? Three milk teeth missing! :-) I didn't get a chance to see Zeb without his upper middle incisors because the following day I noticed the they are loose, the teeth were gone and tiny adult teeth were already showing! Seems that it takes a lot longer for the lower front adult teeth to appear (after the milk teeth have fallen out).

Back to the sculpture garden then.

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