Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Mr Zebedee's Shredding Service

Need your newspapers shredded? Look no further! At Mr Zebedee's Shredding Service we guarantee to shred weekday newspapers in five minutes, Sunday papers in 10.

Fast, reliable service. Perfect for guinea-pig bedding, or if you just fancy having that lovely, authentic feeling of walking on shredded newspaper anywhere in your home.


Geminai said...

*LAUGH* awesome! If you ever have someone who's not quite ready for newspaper shredding but REALLY wants a couch or some very expensive lingerie shredded, you just let us know. ;) We can be your cross-continental connection.

Saila said...

Love it! Must have been fun: both to you to arrive home and to the dog being this "creative"!

Nina Marsh said...

lol i have a week worth of spam mail if u want it my dog to small to tear nwepapers but my cat loves to scratch them to pieces. :)