Tuesday, 31 August 2010

New baby photo shoot

I got an invite to join some friends for a fruit salad today, but I didn't realise what kind of fruit salad they had in mind!

Haha, joking aside - I had the pleasure of taking photos of Chloe's new addition to their family today. Remember Chloe... and her dog Marvin? Chloe and her husband are the nicest people, and I'm so lucky to be their - well, almost feels like a family photographer now. Chloe asked for black and white photos, so I have converted most photos to (at least almost) monochrome here.

When Chloe lifted Winston up like this, he looked like a cute little gnome. :-)

A couple of shots of Winston on his own.

And the last shot with the whole family, including Marvin! Marvin was about as enthusiastic as he looks about posing for the shot. :D

Wishing you lovely people endless happiness with your new baby boy!


Joanne Munro said...

Baby in a fruit basket!! I love it. He's very cute and about a third of the size of the dog!

Katariina Järvinen said...

Yup, Marvin looks HUGE in this photo. He's completely hilarious.