Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Chloe and Saskia

Another fun photo shoot - with the lovely sisters Chloe and Saskia! I was planning on taking some of the portraits out on the beach, but Mother Nature decided otherwise... a thunder storm made sure that we ended up taking all the pictures indoors in the studio.

I have a serious problem with these two, though: I got so many fun photos of them that I really can't decide which ones to post in this photo blog. So... I'm posting quite a few! Hope you'll enjoy watching them as much as I did taking them. :-)

The girls wanted to give some really nice portraits of themselves to their mother as a birthday gift - fairly normal, standard ones - but we were having so much fun that we started to improvise with a few props.

Some poses work better then others...

And then... almost a serious portrait...

...but you can't keep these two serious for long.

Love you girls - and I'm sure your mother will love her present!

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