Saturday, 28 August 2010

Lucy & Joshua wedding

Not bad setting for a wedding, right?

I was in for a treat as a wedding photographer today: I got to photograph super nice and beautiful people at a great venue: the Royal Pavilion.

The ceremony was in the Red Drawing Room. I wish I could have taken a photo like this during the ceremony... but there wasn't enough space.

The room was quite dark, actually, so it was a challenge to shoot there, but I think I got away with using high ISO - Canon 5D Mk II handled it well.

Before the wedding, I asked had Lucy and Josh - if they remember to do so at the time - to turn so that I can get a photo of them exchanging their rings.

They didn't remember to do that so I didn't get a picture of their hands (and I couldn't move into a different position), but at least I got pictures of the moment... and photographed the rings in their fingers later.

As you can see from the pictures, it was a lovely, relaxed and fun ceremony. I was smiling behind my camera all through.

After the ceremony we took a few posed photos in the Music Room.

Oh, and one on the way to the Music Room...

Then outside, lots of confetti...

Before the ceremony I planned to take the group photo from this angle:

...but unfortunately, during the ceremony, the sun had come out and I couldn't take this shot as it wouldn't have meant shooting straight into the sun. So I had to do with this instead:

I was afraid that I couldn't take the planned pond shot, either, because of the sun - but luckily, with bracketed shots and a slight angle, it worked out OK.

Then it was time to move to the reception venue. On a bus.

On the way from the Pavilion lawns to the bus, Lucy and Josh got quite a few smily-faced "Congratulations!" from random people who saw them. Very sweet! Not surprised, though - they looked beautiful and happy.

We stopped at the Band Stand for another group photo...

...and I snapped a few of the couple only...

Onto the bus again...

And then we arrived at the wedding reception.

I took a photo of the rings finally. Here just a simple black and white.

And snapped a candid shot of the couple enjoying a quiet moment together.

What a sweet, lovely wedding... wishing you all the happiness in the world, Lucy and Josh!


Melinda B. said...

Great wedding photographs! I love the photojournalistic style.

Katariina Järvinen said...

Thanks very much, Melinda. :)