Tuesday, 17 March 2009


This is for all you pollen allergy sufferers. Enjoy. As I know too well, you don't have to smell it, you don't have to get it in the delicate inner linings of your nose at all... no.... all you need is to SEE it and you start sneezing! Yes! That's how crazy you are! Ha-choo! Ha-choo! Ha! There you go! Try and stop now!

And then - ever wondered what goes on inside a daffodil?
I wish I hadn't. But there you go.

Oh why can't it be just about lovely fluffy yellowness? Why does is have to be about the horrible black things, too.....?

My Disney World has been shattered...

OK, that was a little silly... I feel like a great tit now. I have to end this post with something more up-beat that those horrible black things in lovely yellow things...

So here goes. A great tit.

I can't believe how difficult it is to get a decent photo of a tit! (!) They fly off as soon as you try to very slowly and carefully get closer to them. I'm sure these birds move more slowly in Finland...

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