Saturday, 21 March 2009

Japanese theme Brighton

We had a little walk in Stanmer Park this morning.

And in the afternoon on the seafront in Brighton.

And who do you think we met? The young Elvis Presley, of course!!

To think that he was performing in a local dingy bar! Blasphemy, I say!

Now: be warned. The maker (I presume) was very protective of these wonderfully, amazingly unique, imaginative, fundamentally ground-brakingly fantastically original hats. When she saw that I took a snap of her marvellously brilliant never-seen-before-in-all-of-human-kind woolly creations, she said - looking very insulted, indeed, as if I had a baseball bat in my hands instead of the camera and was just about to smash her stall into pieces, or steal all her marvellous creations and become a millionaire selling them on: "I'd rather you didn't!!!" Haha. Nevertheless, here it is: (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE ANY OF THESE WOOLLY HATS AS THEY MAY BE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT!!!)(You have been warned!)(I'd rather you didn't!)

Well, anyway.... subsequently we moved onto late afternoon-evening entertainment! First we went for a drink at Madame Geisha.

Madame Geisha is a funky bar/restaurant on three levels.


And then onto Moshi Moshi for some Japanese dinner. Which, surprisingly, wasn't a disappointment! (Saying that, I wasn't expecting much because - as we all know - E-Kagen is the best Japanese restaurant in Brighton.)

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur...

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