Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Canine hydrotherapy

We went to the Sussex Canine Centre today for Zebedee's first hydrotherapy session. Zeb has never swam before (well, not voluntarily... he's fallen into a lake a couple of times and scrambled back on dry land in shock) so he was quite afraid at first, but after a few swirls around the pool fetching the ball, he started to get the hang of it.

At first he was splashing all over the place by lifting his front paws way too high. He was also too stiff and rigid to move his hind legs at all.

But it didn't take long for him to relax a little and start swimming properly with front legs as well as back legs doing the right movements. Here the hydrotherapist is holding him back while he swims. (Hmm, I hope that doesn't put him off swimming, actually, when he feels that he can't get anywhere no matter how fast he swims!)

And then it was time to wash off the chlorine water.

While he was being towel dried, he started wagging his tail again, so all in all it wasn't that terrifying experience for the "springer spaniel that doesn't swim"... Well, we will find out on Thursday when we go back for a second session.

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Geminai said...

Omg .. poor Zeb! I would have had a hard time not jumping in to "rescue" him. :( That makes me sad. I know it's necessary, but it's so frustrating to not be able to explain to them what's going on. :(