Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Local networking: Sugar Group

I went to a Sugar Group evening today held at the local boutique hotel Pelirocco. First, we were shown a couple of hotel rooms by the lovely and efficient duty manager Amy.

I wasn't prepared to take any great, well-lit hotel photos, really, so I just snapped some dark ones. ;-)

There were plenty of un-hotel-room-like beautiful details everywhere you looked.

Amy, probably thinking "don't take a photo of me"... haha, but she was caught by the wide angle of my lense.

After the hotel room round, we returned to the bar.

It was sugar group member Nikki Anderson's birthday and she had brought a cake for all of us to share!

Rather nice of her!

*Hope she didn't forget to make a wish.*

There were interesting and inspiring talks by businesswomen.

Our host Rachel Gedney.

Sugar Group founder Geri Brooks, and Jane Plouviez, drawing one of the fab prices!

Although I didn't have time to talk to all the ladies this time, I met some very interesting and inspirational people and I look forward to getting to know them better in future.


Joanne Munro said...

Looks like a great evening! The Pelirocco has an amazing reputation for being one of the most stylish and quirky hotels in Brighton and I loved getting a glimpse into why!

Absolutely gorgeous photos...

sugargroup said...

What great photos! Thank you so much for coming along and taking them. It was wonderful to see you and we are glad you had a good time and met some great ladies! sugargroup needs women like you - spreading the word and enjoying our events.
Thank you so much! We look forward to seeing you at the next one in Brighton.
Geri and Jane @ sugargroup