Monday, 4 April 2011

Fashion shoot

Do you remember Bethan Moyse? The amazing model we had at the Brighton Rock'ed Photo Shoot a week ago? Well, of course you don't remember as I didn't even mention her name then, but you will remember what she looks like, I'm sure.

Ring a bell?

We had a fantastic shoot today - Bethan has so much beauty, so much talent. My initial idea was to do kind of a fashion shoot, but in post processing it seemed to turn into vintage look.

Or maybe it was vintage all along.

I thought I'd use some fabrics again - just for fun.

Not sure if that one works, though. Perhaps more sinister edit?

Or different fabric?

Maybe this has little bit of a fashion feel? What do you think? I'm so new to fashion that I don't really know, I'm mostly guessing.

Or something like this?

Haha, that one's like OMG, my head! I can't take this any longer! I was trying to throw some interesting shadows on the background, but it wasn't easy to work with paper backdrop. Would probably be easier to work with shadows on a wall that the model can get close to, or touch and lean on, even.

More play with fabrics...

As I was editing some of these photos just now, I started to question myself whether I have gone completely Lightroom preset crazy. Am I over-doing the editing? I don't know. I'll see how I feel in the morning. Or next week. Would love to hear some comments from others... do let me know if you have an opinion. Put it as bluntly as you can. I don't get offended.

Such a great shoot, everyone enjoyed it hugely - including my lighting assistant.

Did you notice what I just said? I had a lighting assistant today! Haha. First time ever! Her name is Becca and she did such a wonderful job that I don't know whether I'd want to have a shoot without an assistant ever again! :-)


...number88 said...

They all seem to work pretty damn fine! Good job (and a great model).

Katariina Järvinen said...

Thanks for the comment, Andy! Yup, Bethan is a brilliant model. :)