Saturday, 26 March 2011

Simone's portrait photo shoot

I haven't blogged much recently... but today I'm going to be good and post some photos from a studio shoot. The lovely Simone had her portrait shoot today - and what a fun and gorgeous model she was!

Actually, we started with a dark background and grey top...

...but I thought the top wasn't working to Simone's advantage and I wanted to change the background, too, and when I did, things started looking better.

I've been using a dark background too much recently... glad I switched to the white one early on today.

The background is white... it is! It just looks grey when you don't blast it with a background light.

One more shot of the gorgeous Simone.

Photo shoots are so much fun... I should do this for a living! ;-)


Joanne Munro said...

Love the pictures - Simone is very photogenic in real life anyway but you've made her look gorgeous! Looks like you had loads of fun too...

Katariina Järvinen said...

Thanks, Joanne! Yeah, I really love taking portraits. I enjoy the interaction with people, and the whole process from getting to know the person, shooting, post processing and the happy customer at the end. :)