Saturday, 12 March 2011

Kemptown Carnival fundraiser gig

It's been a while since I went out at 11 PM. Seriously. I must be getting really really old. Really, old. Really. Anyhoo, swiftly moving on, some time ago I bought tickets on a whim for the Kemptown Carnival fundraiser at Concorde 2 tonight, so I had to make the effort to go, really. And thank goodness I did! Had a great time!

Being so out of touch with clubbing, I insisted on going to the venue at 'doors open' time. There wasn't much happening, of course... which gave me an opportunity to get acquainted with the venue!

Yeah, like I said, not many people yet...

But you know who was there? Brighton's No 1 Michael Jackson fan! Strutting his stuff.

There were other people in fairly individual outfits, too - as well as dancing styles. Which is what I love about Brighton: you can be whoever you are, and as long as you don't harm any other people, you can do whatever you like, too. Which is how it should be everywhere.

Around midnight the first band came on: The Carnival Collective.

I took some of these photos purely because I was mesmerised by the lights. Like I said, I haven't been out much.

Here's Carnival Collective, getting organised.

They put on a fab, fun show.

Then, some time later (it was getting REALLY LATE! :), the next band started getting ready for their set...

Unfortunately I don't know the name of the singer, but she was an absolute hoot!

This band was absolutely fantastic, doing fabulous carnival music - both Brazilian and African style. I am truly ashamed that I was getting tired around 2 AM and thought I should get home so I could wake up the next morning. What on earth is happening to me?!? Next time I will party until early hours, I promise! And I can't wait for the actual Kemptown Carnival to see these completely fantabulous bands again.

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